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Inorganic Chemist Kim Renee Dunbar Helps Readers Understand How New Polymer Will Improve the Environment

Inorganic Chemist Kim Renee Dunbar Helps Readers Understand How New Polymer Will Improve the Environment   Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Kim Renee Dunbar describes the recent breakthrough from Cornell University that will help rid plastic pollution from the ocean. Texas A&M University has gained an international reputation for excellence especially in the field of science where […]

Texas A&M Professor Kim Renee Dunbar Shares Past Achievements of University’s Chemistry Department

Respected professor at Texas A&M University (TAMU), Kim Renee Dunbar shares the chemistry deparment’s distinguished past achievements with readers. For decades, Kim Renee Dunbar has served as a preeminent force in the international scientific community’s understanding of critical concepts in chemistry, especially inorganic chemistry. She’s currently a University Distinguished Professor and holds the title of […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

Kim Renee Dunbar is Second Female Recipient Ever of ACS’s Top Award for Inorganic Chemistry

Kim Renee Dunbar is a chemistry professor at Texas A&M University who’s gained wide recognition for her and her research group’s extensive work in chemistry. Among many notable achievements, she was the second female chemist in history to receive the American Chemical Society’s award in inorganic chemistry.  Distinguished chemistry professor Kim Renee Dunbar has made […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

The Royal Society of Chemistry Acknowledges the Impactful Research of Kim Renee Dunbar

The research and work that Kim Renee Dunbar has completed in the subject of inorganic chemistry is utilized in labs, universities, and scientific facilities around the world. To honor her impactful contributions to science, the Royal Society of Chemistry bestowed her with a Fellowship through their institution.  Kim Renee Dunbar’s career spans more than three […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

American Chemical Society Bestows Kim Renee Dunbar with Distinguished Service Award

Kim Renee Dunbar is a world-renowned chemist and professor at Texas A&M University where she and her research team contribute landmark discoveries to the international scientific community. For her outstanding contributions to the study of inorganic chemistry, the American Chemical Society bestowed Dunbar with the prestigious Distinguished Service Award.    Chemistry professor at Texas A&M […]